Active Aging (Senior Fitness)

Exercise and the Older Adult

About 15% of the Philippine population is 50 years and older. According to the Commission on Population, Filipinos are living longer but remain to be in poor health. Though the life span of Filipino males (67 years) and females (72 years) are now longer due to modern medicine and technology, their quality of life did [...]

Benefits of Exercise

Builds up muscle and bone mass Increases strength and energy Improves endurance and lessens fatigue and shortness of breath Enhances flexibility, mobility and balance Reduces effects of illnesses and chronic diseases Regulates metabolism to better manage weight Improves sleep Boosts mood and self-confidence Keeps brain active to help prevent memory loss, cognitive decline, and dementia; [...]

Facts and Myths about Exercise

MYTHS ABOUT EXERCISE AND AGING It does not matter what your age or current physical condition is. Anyone can reap the rewards of exercise. In fact, exercise is even more important for older adults and can help boost their energy level, manage symptoms of illness and live independently for as long as possible. Myth: “Why [...]

Training Programs

PROGRAM DETAILS The cost of the program is PHP 15,000 for a 10-session package (each session lasts from 45 to 60 mins.) Advanced Payment for the 10-session program is requested. More than the money, it is the commitment we ask of our clients. Completion and submission of a Health History Questionnaire and Informed Consent Forms [...]